Idea and Process

For this project, I read and watched the Of Mice and Men book/scene in which the extract I chose was from. I applied the colors based on the time of the scene. In my mind what I had captured was a warm night and a fun little converstation of two close people. Since, it was a conversation between two people , I thought that I would also apply a conversation layout inspired by messaging apps, in which I thought would be appropriate, fun and suitable.


For the typeface I wanted to choose a font that best suits the personality of each character.

Lennie is described as a large, strong , lumbering and a very child-like character, , having a man's body but the mind of a child. He is very innocent and sweet-natured. Lennie has a mental disability, making him dependent upon George to manage day to day life. I choose a font called "Scribble" for lennie because of his child like mind.

As, for george he is as a quick short man with defined, strong features. An understanding companion. And to Lennie’s mental disability, George has to take responsibility for him and finds this stressful and frustrating at times, due to Lennie getting into trouble. I choose a font called "Newtown" for george because it has that thick bold serious looking mood which shows that he is always in charge and im control.