Three Designed Objects

Hello, and welcome to my mini website where i will be discussing three objects that are cleverly designed. The objects that I have chosen are a Zippo Lighter, Scissors and a Logitech G305 mouse. The three objects are also what I consider to be well designed and are also the items that I use on a everyday regular basis. For each object, I have explained what the object's main purpose is and gave an overall thoughts on what features the object has that make it as a great example of a good design. You can read each of the objects description below by clicking the "continue reading" link.

Zippo Lighter

Zippo Lighter

A Zippo lighter is a reusable metal lighter and its main purpose is to light a flame. It has a very simple design and is very easy to use. It stays lit, every time, in all kinds of weather no matter how windy, cold and wet the day is and produces a good steady flame. Zippo lighters are also popular as windproof lighters as it has windproofing and its very hard to... (continue reading..)


As you squeeze your fingers together on the handles, the sharp edges meet, and it causes the blades to cross one another which is how the cutting gets done. Scissor is an item that is very sharp with comfortable soft grip on the hands and nice to handle. They are also well balanced thus don’t feel heavy which enable scissors to be used for long per... (continue reading..)

Scissor Logitech G305 Mouse

Logitech G305 Mouse

A mouse is used to position a cursor on a computer screen allowing users to select different screen objects. The buttons on the mouse allow users to interact with those objects. This particular mouse has Bluetooth and uses double AA batteries and the battery life is very good lasting up to a claimed 250 hours on just one AA and in many cases... (continue reading..)