Logitech G305 Wireless Mouse

Logitech G305 Mouse

What is the purpose of this object?

A mouse is used to position a cursor on a computer screen allowing users to select different screen objects. The buttons on the mouse allow users to interact with those objects. This particular mouse has Bluetooth and uses double AA batteries and the battery life is very good lasting up to a claimed 250 hours on just one AA and in many cases replacing swapping out a battery is more convenient when it has expired than waiting for a device to charge.

What is it made out of?

The Logitech g305 has a pleasant matte finish to it. The buttons are nice to press, left/right are quite clicky, not too soft or hard to press but just right. The wheel is soft and silent, as is clicking it. It gives the right amount of resistance.

Overall thoughts...

The mouse is very light and feels extremely accurate, glides very easily. The shape is also great and is easy to grip. The mouse is mainly designed for medium to small sized hands. This mouse is perfect for people for people who are on the smaller side of the hand size spectrum. The mouse also has great features such as programable buttons which can then be used, for quick shortcuts.

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