What is the purpose of this object?

As you squeeze your fingers together on the handles, the sharp edges meet, and it causes the blades to cross one another which is how the cutting gets done. Scissor is an item that is very sharp with comfortable soft grip on the hands and nice to handle. They are also well balanced thus don’t feel heavy which enable scissors to be used for long periods without discomfort.

What is it made out of?

A good pair of scissors is an underrated everyday tool. It is a very good design as the key factor of this utensil is its simplicity. Its main purpose is to cut things. You only need 3 elements to form a scissor: 2 blades and 1 pivot point. Most modern scissors are also designed with thermoplastic and rubber handles. In overall view, it only has three basic elements and the simplicity makes it the perfect item.

Overall thoughts...

When, you go about your everyday life and realize what you really need is a good pair of scissors and the closest one is downstairs or sitting in a drawer somewhere. Scissors is an item that mostly everyone has and use. It's also used for a variety of things such as grooming, cutting cloth, ropes, cutting threads.

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