Hi, I am Prabin and this is my portfolio homepage for MA Web Design & Content Planning.

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Design For Web Content

Three Designed Objects
This is the first website created which reviews the three objects that I have considered well designed. Approach to HTML and CSS by learning and experimenting different HTML elements and CSS selectors along with design elements.
Small Business Website
Small Business Website with on going progress to the final view of website. (Independent Spirits.)
Layout Workshop
Learning the basics of CSS grid and using different types of grid properties.

Social Media & SEO

Applied art for the web

Typesetting project
Choosing a suitable piece of literature – focus on presenting the text in a suitable typeface, creating a colour scheme which both aids legibility as well as underpins the context of your chosen piece.

Content Management

Seminar Presentation
Presentation Slides for CSS pre-processors, what are they?
Presentation Article
Article written for CSS pre-processors, what are they?
Small Business Website (revisited)
Small business website improvements and changes made.
Small Business Website (revisited) analysis and changes made.
A short analysis of the original website and a summary of all the changes and improvements made.