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Three designed objects


Zippo Lighter

A Zippo lighter is a reusable metal lighter and its main purpose is to light a flame. It has a very simple design and is very easy to use. It stays lit, every time, in all kinds of weather no matter how windy, cold and wet the day is and produces a good steady flame.

The Zippo Lighter is made of smooth, stamped steel with a brushed chrome on the front and back, with polished chrome on sides. The lighter’s lid also opens and closes with a satisfying ‘click’; sound which makes it feel like a quality product. It has a nice weight and balance and feels good in your hand when you hold it and is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Because, of the robust simplicity of its design and materials it makes it easy to find and purchase the right items in order to fix it. You can also find these items in your house as these are common house hold items. For example, a wick can be made with a piece of string and some copper wire.



As you squeeze your fingers together on the handles, the sharp edges meet, and it causes the blades to cross one another which is how the cutting gets done. Scissor is an item that is very sharp with comfortable soft grip on the hands and nice to handle. They are also well balanced thus don’t feel heavy which enable scissors to be used for long periods without discomfort.

When, you go about your everyday life and realize what you really need is a good pair of scissors and the closest one is downstairs or sitting in a drawer somewhere. Scissors is an item that mostly everyone has and use. It’s also used for a variety of things such as grooming, cutting cloth, ropes, cutting threads.

A good pair of scissors is an underrated everyday tool. It is a very good design as the key factor of this utensil is its simplicity. Its main purpose is to cut things. You only need 3 elements to form a scissor: 2 blades and 1 pivot point. Most modern scissors are also designed with thermoplastic and rubber handles. In overall view, it only has three basic elements and the simplicity makes it the perfect item.

Logitech g305 wireless mouse


This mouse has Bluetooth and uses double AA batteries the battery life is good lasting up to a claimed 250 hours on just one AA and in many cases replacing swapping out a battery is more convenient when it has expired than waiting for a device to charge. 

The mouse is very light and feels extremely accurate, glides very easily. The shape is also great and is easy to grip. The mouse is mainly designed for medium to small sized hands. This mouse is perfect for people for people who are on the smaller side of the hand size spectrum.  The mouse also has great features such as programable buttons which can then be used, for quick shortcuts.

The Logitech g305 has a pleasant matte finish to it. The buttons are nice to press, left/right are quite clicky, not too soft or hard to press but just right. The wheel is soft and silent, as is clicking it. It gives the right amount of resistance. 

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